At 6:52PM on November 29, 2016, Unit 2 of Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant successfully joined Vietnam’s grid.

Unit 2 with designed capacity of 145 MW is one of two units of the Xekaman1 hydropower plant under the Xekaman1 hydropower project (total capacity of 326MW), after the completion of the trial operation, the technical specifications were in accordance with EU standards, officially coming into operation and joining  the national power grid via the power transmission system from the 230kV switchyard of Xekaman1 hydropower plant (Attapeu, Laos) to the Pleiku 2 transformer station (Vietnam) with a total length of 190km.

Mr. Le Van Ton - Member of the BoDs of Song Da Corporation and Chairman of the Board of Directors of Viet Lao Power Joint Stock Company issue order to start Unit 2, joining the Vietnam’s grid

Unit 2 with power output of 548 million kWh per year will together with Unit 1 (operational on August 28, 2016), increase the capacity of the Xekaman1 Hydropower Plant to 290 MW, generating about 1.1 billion kWh per year. At present, the entire power output of the plant is provided to the Vietnam’s grid.

The Xekaman1 hydropower project has total installed capacity of 326MW, including the Xekaman1 hydropower plant (290MW) and the Xekaman Sanxay hydropower plant (36MW), which is owned by Viet Lao Power Joint Stock Company. The project has total investment of USD 539.46 million, the biggest hydroelectric project currently invested by the Vietnamese investor in Laos.

Successful intergration of Unit 2 into Vietnam’s grid is an important milestone in the process of implementing the Xekaman1 hydropower project in Laos, proving tireless efforts of employees  of Viet Lao Power Joint Stock Company – project’s investor, Xekaman 1 Power Company Limited - project’s owner, Song Da Corporation - EPC General Contractor and its member units after mutiple difficulties and challenges.

At present, the project’s owner together with Song Da Corporation - EPC contractor of Xekaman1 hydropower project and the general contractor for construction of 230kV transmission line from Xekaman1 hydropower plant to Bo Y - Kon Tum border gate are urgently completing all the work of Xekaman Sanxay Hydropower Plant which is expected to be operational by June 2017.

Once operation in June, 2017,  the project will provide 1.3 billion kWh per year, the total electricity produced by 2017 will be supplied to the power grid in Vietnam. From 2018, 90% of electricity output (about 1.2 billion kWh per year) will be supplied to Vietnam's power grid and remaining 10% will be supplied to Laos.

230kV Switchyard – starting point of 230kV transmission line from Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant to Pleiku 2 substation, Vietnam. 

Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant from downstream view

Xekaman 1 Hydropower Plant from upstream view

Some of highlight pirctures

Experts supervise technical specifications upon Unit start

Moment of successful intergration

Mr. Le Van Ton poses with experts of AH and EVN

Mr. Le Van Ton poses with AH’s experts and leaders of project’s owner

Enjoying chanpagne to celebrate the successful intergration

AH’s experts pose with rejoice