At midnight on May 24, 2018, power output of Xekaman 1 hydropower project in Attapeu, Lao PDR exceeded 2 billion kWh to 2,001,508,100 kWh. Power generation and operation of power plants, reservoirs, dams, transmission systems are stable, safe and secure in accordance with the Power Purchase Agreement with Electricity of Vietnam.


230kV switchyard and 230kV  line from Xekaman 1 to Pleiku 2, Vietnam

Xekaman1 hydropower project, with designed capacity of 290 MW, consists of two Units (145MW each) and the Xekaman Xanxay hydropower plant with design capacity of 32 MW including 02 units (16MW each), which can gain a capacity of 36MW altogether). Unit 1 of Xekaman Xanxay hydropower plant has been operating since January, 2018, Unit 2 is scheduled to come into use in June, 2018. Xekaman1 hydropower project has an average annual output of 1.300 million kWh.


XEKAMAN XANXAY hydropower plant

As of May 23, 2018, total power output of the plants reached 477,166,100 kWh out of 1,227,024,300 kWh of the annual plan. All generated power is exported to Vietnam via 230kV transmission system from Xekaman 1 hydropower plant to Pleiku2 – Vietnam 500kV substation.


By Pham Ngoc Dung